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Learning how to code is a long process. Structured coursework and tutorials are a great way for most people to learn, especially at the beginning, but at some point you start to wonder... what does the actual work of development look like? How do you go from identifying a problem to a deployable project that solves that problem?

I had a (relatively) small side project I wanted to tackle for fun, and decided to do it live on video so that people could see the whole process from start to finish.

If you:

  • Love the Node/JavaScript/Typescript ecosystem and want to get real deep into how it all works together; or
  • Are having trouble using your programming knowledge to build full solutions; or
  • Are actively developing your fluency in programming in general or JavaScript/Node/Typescript in specific; or
  • Enjoy the calming background sounds of someone talking about nerd stuff

... then this will be right up your alley!

In Episode 1 I go through the process of setting up a new Node + Typescript project and present the problem being solved: converting Git logs into changelogs/patchnotes.

If you want to joint the next one live to ask questions or tell me when I'm wrong, subscribe on Twitch and/or follow me on Twitter.