made it to Guanajuato!

Our flight left the Houston airport at 12:30 this afternoon, and we got in early at 2:15 to the Leon airport. I didn’t look outside at all until we were 20 minutes from landing, but when I finally did I was taken aback by how beautfiful the area was. There were small mountains to our left, and hilly city to our right, and both sides were incredibly green. My gf and I got the impression that Guanajuato was the right choice before we even hit the ground. Our other options for this Spanish-learning trip (through Enforex) were Playa del Carmen, Puerto Vallarta, and Oaxaca. The first two, being right on the coasts, were extremely tempting, but we ultimately decided on choosing the least touristy of the group.

We landed in one of the most well-kept airports that I have ever seen. Everything was immaculately clean, and the building as a whole was very quiet. People were slowly and calmly walking and standing around, greeting one another, and otherwise just appeared very relaxed.

Since our plane came in early, we didn’t expect our pickup to be there for another 15 minutes, so we found a tourism kiosk where we got a nice Guanajuato map (though it only shows major streets). We also looked for a place to change money, but since it was Sunday the place was closed. A little worried that we might have trouble paying for food and amenities when we got in, we just decided that we’d figure something out and stopped thinking about it.

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