Homeopathy: Belly Flop to a Cure!

Homeopathy says essentially this: Something that causes disease can be made to cure that same ailment if the something is diluted into water so much that it is no longer present. For example, if you were to take one molecule of cyanide and dilute it into a swimming pool, then drink some pool water, you would be cured of cyanide poisoning! Sound too simple to be true? Well, that’s because you must first release the Energy of the cyanide. Personally, I do this via belly-flopping into the swimming pool, though any kind of concussion of the water will do. Punching the water is also a pretty good way to do it.

Another example: it is clear that humans are basically a disease of the earth. We’re polluting the crap out of it, killing all the wildlife, etc. Now, this should be easy to fix with homeopathy. Since people are causing these bad things on Earth, all we need to do is have someone go swim in the ocean, concuss the ocean, and then distribute ocean water all over the world. In the same way that you can dilute a cyanide molecule into a pool, you can dilute one person into the ocean. You still need to release the Energy of that person, though. I would suggest the concussion be from underground faults leading to earthquakes and tsunamis, though enough belly flops would likely also do the trick. I feel quite certain that there have been a few people in the various oceans when these kinds of concussive events have occurred, therefore it is clear that Sea Water can already fix global warming!

And while we’re thinking about it, just imagine how many things have been diluted into the oceans: people, animals, plants, drugs, chemicals, pesticides, fish nets, volcanoes, tsunamis, airplanes, boats, etc, etc, ETC! This means that sea water can stop volcanoes from erupting, release fish from nets, repair damaged boats and aircraft, fix broken bones caused by tsunamis and downed aircraft, release the hallucinogenic hold of LSD, cure various cancers, and so on. In fact, if you have a disease, all you have to do is jump into the ocean, and then you will be diluted to homeopathic levels, meaning your disease will be diluted to homeopathic levels.

Belly flop into the ocean. Then drink up. Any disease you have will be cured!

eyeball appreciation day

I am sitting here writing this post with an eyepatch over my right eye. I had surgery 2 and a half years ago to make my eyes look straight (they were slightly crossed), and had wonderful single-vision afterward. Recently, however, my left eye has been getting weaker and has started to turn in again.

Now, this is causing me a lot of eye strain and general annoyance, especially with my upcoming departure to foreign lands. I visited my optometrist, who agreed that my left eye has gotten pretty crossed and is, in fact, awfully close to as crossed as it was before I had the surgery. This was disappointing, to say the least. So I made an appointment with my surgeon the next day to see what he thought I could do about it for the next two years, since there is certainly no way that I could have surgery before I leave.

The surgeon thinks that it is a muscle weakness problem, which is apparently not that rare of an occurrence a few years after surgery. We decided that my best bet would be to patch my right eye for a few hours every day to force my left eye to get stronger.

There are several interesting results of one-eyed vision that you lucky people with two, functional, straight-looking eyeballs would never even think of. The first is that, although my body is good at knowing where its parts are in space, it turns out that the brain relies quite heavily on being able to simultaneously see that body part. It can certainly get by without it, and it does this by automatically relying more on tough. Where previously I would reach for a coffee cup handle, even just using my peripheral vision to guide my hand to the right place, my body now guesses where it is, and then carefully bumps my hand into it and adjusts according to what was felt.

This is true even for things that are in the visual field of my left eye (the seeing one), because I am lacking depth perception. My hands are much less sure of where to go to hit light switches, pick things up, etc, but it ends up not being a problem because my brain shifts dominance from sight to touch. Automatically. Not at first though; it seemed to take about half an hour of being patched.

The wierdest thing is that, if I am not paying attention at all to the fact that my right eye is patches, I actually start to see things in my periphery that are not in my visual field. For example, there is a coffee cup to my right, and all I can see with my left eye is the very edge of it. However, while I look straight ahead and type, I can actually “see” most of the cup. It’s pretty fuzzy, but apparently my brain knows what it looks like and just fills it in as if my right eye was seeing to some degree.

Anyway, this is just a long, rambling way of saying that having two eyes is great, even if one of them doesn’t work properly. For anyone reading this with two eyeballs, GIVE YOUR EYES A HUG.

Little Rocket Man

I got the gnome into the rocket! It ended up being fairly easy, with only a few difficult parts that made me want to punch something (like being chased by a helicopter in a vehicle that was not built to carry gnomes). I had mentioned this project in an earlier post, but I just decided to move it here with the remaining screen shots.

This is where I found him, underneath that shelf in the middle left of the picture.

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Weighted Companion Cube Cake

This was a trimph./ I’m making a note here, ‘huge success.’/ It’s hard to overstate my satsifaction!


After hours and hours of sweating over a hot stove, the companion cube cake (technically a giant brownie) has been completed!

Final ingredient tally:

  • 7 boxes brownie mix
  • 4 cups vegetable oil
  • 22 eggs
  • 3 and half giant cans white frosting
  • some jello mix
  • 5 chocolate chip cookies

So it’s some serious cake. The dimensions are 18 x 18 x 18 centimeters, excluding the giant corner pieces. If you want to follow the construction saga, read on!

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