NaNoWriMo completed!

I am a week late on this post but, to be fair, I was a little tired of writing when I hit the 50,000 word mark. But it’s done! I got just over 50K words, which comes out to 167 pages. It felt pretty good to get there

Though I have now completed the challenge, my book is not done. I always wondered how novelists could write books that were 1000 pages long, but now I think I get it. In my measly 167 pages it feels like I’ve only told half of the story.

But anyway, I’ve decided to finish the thing. So I’ll be pulling together some friends who also want to keep on writing their novels and do another round of WriMo-ing, though probably a little less intense this time. I think I’ll drop the goal to 1000 words/day, so that I can add another 30K over the next month.

But first I’ll be going through all of what I’ve written so far so that I can collect and fix internal inconsistencies and actually see if what I wrote is worth expanding upon. During the entire process I only re-read a few sections, so I’m not even sure what to expect. I would guess that my characters change eye colors, and maybe even names, throughout. And my timeline is probably a little wonky, creating cause-effect paradoxes. Finally, now that I’ve taken a week off I’m not really in a position to just keep writing without revisiting what I’ve put together thus far.

So off I go!