NaNoWriMo – Day 18

Playing catch-up. I managed to pump out over 7200 words through the afternoon and evening, and so am now less than a day behind. WHEW!

I spent a lot of my NNWM thinking-time yesterday assembling a clearer timeline for this story, and now have enough of an idea of what needs to happen to just keep on writing. Hopefully. I’ll still need to come up with characters to tell each part of the story, but that so far has been the most fun part.

Since I don’t want to give anything away about the content of this thing, I’ll just leave this post with a bizarre anecdote:

A key component of this story is a drug/poison/compound/whatever that causes a set of unpleasant physical symptoms. One of those is a serious nosebleed (the others are significantly less pleasant than that).

I took a short break to eat something before starting in on a part of the story where several people begin to display those symptoms. Suddenly the inside of my left nostril started to tickle. I thought, “Gah! Stupid runny nose!” and then found some kleenex and blew HARD.

Turns out it wasn’t a runny nose. Well it was, but the runny part was blood.