NaNoWriMo – end of week one

Last night marked the 7th day of NaNoWriMo, which I had decided to do a month ago and managed to convince a few others to do the same. 11,700 words. I’m not sure what the longest work I’ve written was, but I’m quite sure that the 50,000 word goal for this thing is well beyond anything I’ve done previously. Of course, most of those other things required a lot of research and so may have effectively taken up a similar amount of my time.

I’m hoping that forcing myself to write every night will boost my creativity a bit. I’ve been sort lost in a jungle of scientific papers, experiments, data, and thoughts, and really just need to go into creative writing mode. I’m not sure if it’s working yet, but I am having fun.

I highly encourage everyone to do this thing. It feels good to just start writing and then look back and see that you’ve put together another installment of some large story. The founder of NaNoWriMo wrote a book that is well worth the read, where he lays out an approach to this task that works almost as well as an approach for life in general. Read it.