Adventures in Electronics

I’ve wanted to be able to build small electronic devices for quite some time, but this is one of those areas in which my education is seriously lacking. I’ve gone through the Makershed Electronics Components Packs and the book that goes with them, but really only spent a weekend doing so. And that was a year ago. Now that my graduate school coursework is complete I’ve decided to do learn this stuff for real, and to mix it up with Arduino (an open-hardware microcontroller platform) . I’ll try to  regularly update this site with the electronics and Arduino projects that I go through. Most of them will be from kits, so this process will also serve to let readers know if the kits are worth while.

I’m writing this post on my new Asus Transformer Prime (with keyboard) and it just feels clumsy as hell. Probably that feeling comes mostly from the Android operating system, which makes text editing a difficult process. And the slowness of switching applications to find links or open other documents also makes this a pain. Perhaps I will get used to it and even begin to like this system over time, but for now I cannot recommend that anyone who wants to do any serious mobile writing (or coding) get one of these things. It seems you’re much better off with a small laptop.