Make Notepad++ your default editor (Windows7)

I previously showed you (without a screencast) how to make NP++ default in XP. Of course, people have successfully done this for W7/Vista as well, but the various tutorials I saw were all a huge pain in the ass. Except for one: a comment on a more-complicated method. I made the following short screencast to demonstrate that method. This one has the advantages of being easy to reverse, easy to do, and not in any way intimidating!

I also have a post on using regular expressions in NP++, if you’re into that sort of thing.

11 thoughts on “Make Notepad++ your default editor (Windows7)

  1. For those using Standard Level account type in Windows 7 instead of the default Administrator Level account.
    Right-click on the Notepad++ icon and select “Run as administrator” and use a local Administrator account password.
    If not, the steps in the screencast fail to take.

  2. Nice Vid
    I’ve been having problems with Filezilla ftp, which opens files with the default editor – notepad.
    I had a file get screwed up so I’m looking at something better, notepad++ looks like just the thing.

    Pity Filezilla doesn’t give you an “open with” option.

    Thanks for the vid.

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