Life Achievement: marriage, first home

I’ve been back in Grinnell for a week, and have another week left before moving to Dallas and into my first real home. My now-fiancee (then-wife) will be joining me, and will be going back to medical school as I start my graduate program. We’ll be closing on the condo Thursday, getting married on Saturday, and moving two days later. This will mark the completion of several Life Achievements:

  1. Get Engaged: unlocked;
  2. Finish first full time job: unlocked;
  3. Buy first home: unlocked;
  4. Get Married: unlocked;
  5. Begin graduate school: unlocked.

I really need some more creative names for those achievements. HELP ME OUT.

2 thoughts on “Life Achievement: marriage, first home

  1. (1) Listened to Beyonce
    (2) Emancipated Wage Slave
    (3) Get off mah property
    (4) The cake was a lie, the feelings were not
    (5) At least it’s not a real job

  2. (1) Kneel and beg.
    (2) Don’t get fired.
    (3) Think you own something the bank really owns.
    (4) Get to fart in public (sort of).
    (5) Get to become infantilized.

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