LaTeX and R: hard to search; but Go? SERIOUSLY?

I have been often frustrated by the difficulty of searching for solutions to my LaTeX and R problems. Google keywords have to be carefully chosen in order to not find sites relating to latex rubber (in the first case) or everything with the letter ‘R’ in it (in the second case). Fortunately, I’m logged into my google accounts all the time and their spying on me helps to relieve this burden. But still. I can’t hold it against the creators, however, since both of these things were started before the dawn of internet search engines.

As happy as I am that Google is creating its own programming language, I am really annoyed at the name: “Go”. Yes, Go. The fact that it’s a dumb name aside, “Go” is a crappy search term because it is so friggin’ generic and likely exists in every internet page ever written. It likely also exists as a hyperlink to any random page because of common html practices like “go to this site!”.

Mostly, I’m amazed at how silly it is that a company making nearly its entire revenue from internet searches chose a name that’s so difficult to search. Fortunately, some other guys already made a language named Go! (with the exclamation mark) and are pushing the Goog to stop being a jerk. I agree. Let Go! keep their crappy name and choose something unique!

One thought on “LaTeX and R: hard to search; but Go? SERIOUSLY?

  1. I actually sit across from the Go team. I’m not brazen enough to ask them, but I think you’re supposed to search golang, not go.

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