Where the hell have I been?

I haven’t posted here for a long time. My brothers and I attempted to throw together another joint blog, but it has proved too difficult to maintain at the moment. I moved over my few posts from there to here today, and must now provide a life update.

Since I left off, I went to interviews at Duke and WashU, turned down an interview at Johns Hopkins, and got turned down by Yale (again). I got into the four I interviewed at, and decided to hold off on making decisions until I could find out what to do about the GF situation. First, I turned her into my fiancee (post on that to follow, but for now here’s the link to the proposal video), then talked to each school about the possibility of medical school transfers. Turns out, it pretty much is not possible (or at least not with a guarantee), so my decision was easy: I’m going to UT Southwestern. The fiancee and I are getting married this summer, then moving into a condo in Dallas.