Inkscape: Digitally sign a PDF

Printers are dumb and waste paper. There is little that I hate more (aside from Apple) than having to print a document, sign it, and then scan, fax, or mail the stupid hardcopy. So, I decided to try to cheat the system.

Inkscape is a vector editing program that can be used to edit PDFs. The software is free (or I wouldn’t be talking about it), though a little buggy on Windows (it won’t hurt you, but might crash– so save often!). If the PDF came from the scan of another document, it will basically work as an image (meaning you won’t be able to edit the text). However, many of the PDFs that you would have to sign will be totally editable. You could reword things, add text, or generally do whatever makes you happy. I’m just going to show you how to add a signature: