First grad school visit: Uchicago

I just got an email from the bio department asking me to come for a visit in January (all expenses paid!). That turnaround time was quite unexpected (apps were due just last Tuesday). I’m excited, and I am definitely looking forward to seeing the old alma mater again. I’ll have make time to meet with a bunch of people while I’m there as well, which may end up being a little tricky. But, time will have to be made.

I’ve got some ideas of things to start blogging about, though it’s mostly kitchen science (i.e. an empirical study on the superiority of stove-top vs. microwaved popcorn) that will take some time to put together. These experiments are not conducive to daily writing, but will be a lot of fun. So, I figure I should just try to find small things to write daily while working on bigger, more interesting, things in the background. Sound plan-like?