mmmm… cookie dough

Seriously. If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would be cookie dough. Specifically the Nestle Tollhouse recipe. I was craving it tonight and so I made some, even though I don’t have chocolate chips. I just want the fat and sugar. After I had mixed the butter, sugar, and egg together, I started to think to myself, “do I really need the flour?” The answer is probably no, but I’m not quite ready for that level of fat/sweet worship. Yet.

I’m thinking that I need to force myself to write something every day, even though that will likely cause this blog to steadily fill with random, useless, uninteresting junk (if it isn’t so filled already). But, with the start of my life’s work of learning things and explaining them to others, frequent writing is something I should do.

So how to go about it, exactly? Shall I hit the “random” button in Wikipedia or comb the news for topics to discuss? Or talk about my lab work? Or philosophize and pontificate?

I don’t know yet, but I figure that after I’ve meandered around for a while, daily writing will force me to settle on something that works. Hopefully that something is interesting to more people than just myself!