back to blogging

After a hiatus filled with grad apps, lab work, and Hulu (that awful time-sink), I have decided to get back to writing. Previously, the Brothers and I had been using a joint blog (, but I found that this seemed to decrease my posting habits. I’m also pretty sure that the stuff that I like to think and write about is too esoteric and/or nerdy for most people (or all people) to actually read. So, I decided to split back to my original home and starting pounding keyboard.

It’s late, so I guess this will be more of a fizzle than a bang. I’ll just give a brief life update:

I am in St Louis, working as a lab tech in Justin Fay’s lab at Washington University in St Louis Medical School. I’ll describe my projects in other posts, since I’ll be using those to practice my explaining prowess (my new main purpose for this blog). I’ve procured a second feline, Nukat, to keep Ninja company, and so I have become a crazy cat person. I finished graduate school applications over the past several weeks, and am now waiting to hear back about interviews. If all goes well, I’ll be enrolled in a genetics PhD program by March!