moved and craving Internets

I got officially moved into my apartment yesterday. I harnessed the kitten to the passenger door so he could roam a bit, then headed south from Grinnell. I picked up Sam and forced him to help me unload things, then dropped him back off at some raucous WashU event.

All of my stuff was in a pile on the floor, but I still needed some necessities like hand soap, so I ran to Target to get that stuff done. I took Ninja with me because he wouldn’t shut the hell up when I walked out the door, and I didn’t want to de-friend the neighbors before I met them. I am simply amazed at the cat’s behavior (aside from the meowing thing). He just sat patiently in the car as I ran in and out and drove around. He probably spent 7 hours in there yesterday.

And now I need to figure out how to get the Internet. I’m going through withdrawal. Plus, it’s my primary means of communication since I’m too cheap to get a non-VoIP way to call people.