travelings and yeast genocide

So my life has taken and interesting (and welcome) turn lately. I’m applying to grad schools for PhD programs in bioinformatics/genomics/etc, and have found a few schools that have programs that seem perfect. One of those schools is WashU in St. Louis (where Sam is an undergrad).

My mother, grandparents, and I went to visit Sam last weekend, before which I had contacted a researcher at WashU whose work I am interested in, and asked if he had any work available. Turns out that he did. I interviewed with him last Monday, got the job, and found an apartment the next day.

Now I’m in Midway airport in Chicago, waiting for a flight to take me back to St. Louis. Since the job starts next Monday, I’m spending this two weeks traveling and getting things organized. I visited the gf in Dallas last week, then came to Chicago to talk to those who are writing my letters of recommendation and to other people I knew in college. Now I’m on my way to move into my apartment in St. Louis, after which I’ll drive back to Iowa to get the kitten and the rest of my things. Busy busy.

Once I start work I’ll post a description of what I’ll be doing. My title is “Laboratory Technician,” and I’ll be running a project for which funding was just obtained from a supplemental grant to a larger project. In a nut shell, I’ll be murdering yeast again. Maybe the tagline on my business cards should say “Adam Coster: yeast assassin.”