evolution programs

I updated the Weasel program a fair bit, and it is now available on sourceforge. The program still does the same stuff, but the interface is cleaner and friendlier. Most of the changes were just to make the code easier to navigate.

BUT, I am currently working on a more interesting program that will model a population instead of a single line of descent. The idea would be that there are creatures defined by the user that are competing with one another for food. They will have multiple user-defined traits that effect how much they eat, how many offspring they have, etc. You would choose how many generations you want it to run (since now there is no pre-defined endpoint), how much food is available in the environment, and then you could check some statistical info to see how the population changes over time. Or maybe it would would just print data so that you could pop it into Excel and I won’t have to try to write statistics code.

A lot of cool stuff could be done with this, and complicated things could be interestingly (not accurately) modeled by adding things like diseases, disease resistance, environmental effects/catastrophes, predators, and so on. I’m going to keep it simple until I figure out how to program a Windows graphic user interface (so you could have menus, mouse interaction, pretty graphs, etc), but if any of the few people who read this have ideas or are interested in contributing, please let me know.