There's a reptile in the corner…

I’m in the computer lab, after meeting with my counterpart to discuss our goals and ambitions for the next term. And under a pile of newspapers in the corner is a large skink. He’s just hanging out down there. There are tons of lizards here, and they are generally fairly large (6 inches or more), which makes my life just a little bit better. Things have settled down since my last post and I am back on an upswing. A kid peaked in the door and told me to give him money and I just glared at him and told him to leave. He did. I’m gaining the upper hand.

The thing that really brought me back to life was, first, going to an ajon circle with one of my fellow teachers. He walked by my house and said “do you want to join me for my social evening?” and I said “yes!” without having any idea what he meant. He bought me a beer at a bar, wrapped in a plastic bag, and then walked me over to a circle of about 15 people who were gathered around a large clay pot. The pot was full of ajon, the local brew made by the Iteso. It is made with millet and looks like gray, chunky porridge. Not appatizing. Everyone sits several feet from the pot with a long (4-5 foot!) straw made from a hollowed-out reed and the hollow quill of a turkey feather (for the mouthpiece). The end that sits in the pot has some kind of filter on it so that you don’t eat the yeast/millet but instead just drink the liquid. All of the men (and the two women) there were hilarious (and buzzed to drunk), with one old gentleman constantly pretending to be Obama and another who they called Bill Clinton (for unclear reasons having to do with the Monica thing). The event brightened my mood tremendously.

Then yesterday I went to Kumi, bought hangers so that I can get my clothes off of the floor, got a P.O. box and, most importantly, got to talk to two of my fellow PCVs. We spent all day chatting and relaxing, and I can’t even begin to say how great it was to decompress with people I knew and trusted. I even got a bike!

I’m going to cut this update short, because I need to go back home to meet the guy who I’m paying to iron my clothes (I decided not to bother even learing how to use the charcoal iron). We went to the primary school to try to register him today, but he had left some form behind. We’ll be going back tomorrow when the head teacher is there to try again, and I have a feeling that I’ll have an interesting story to tell afterwards.

So until then, I apologize for the disjointedness of my paragraph structure. It simply reflects the state of my mind.,