I am now a PCV

Instead of a PCT. “T” for Trainee, “V” for Volunteer (or Vendetta). Anyway, we had our ceremony today, in which I gave a speech without writing it first. Good times. Most new Volunteers went to site today, but the Ateso and Lango language groups (mine being the former) are leaving tomorrow morning because we wouldn’t have gotten to site today before dark. And we absolutely need to be there during the day because I will not have electricity (the Peace Corps dream, right?) and need to be able to move into my new house.

I will not tell you exactly where I am, because it will my the Country Director upset (safety issues), but I will tell you that I am in Bukedea District. I’m set up with a Secondary School there, where I’ll be helping to whip the ICT “department” into shape. I met my counterpart yesterday, and if he is as nice as he seems to be then I’m going to have a great two years. Plus, he seems willing to help me get set up with a dairy goat (my Peace Corps dream). The school even has 20 functional computers, although I don’t know how functional. My classes sizes will be about 100, so this will be quite an adventure.

What else? All is well here. I’m awfully excited about getting to site, although it will be sad to be away from all of my fellow Volunteers for so long. We’ve become a tight bunch over these 9 weeks, and we will all miss the mutual support.

I don’t know much about my site and school still, but I should start finding out a LOT tomorrow afternoon. My counterpart, who is a biology/chemistry teacher, went back today and is planning to meet me when I get off of the matatu tomorrow. He wants to start introducing me to everyone right away, so I’ll have little time to unpack and start creating my new home. All that I will need to buy is a lantern and some kerosene (because of the no electricity thing) and maybe a mattress. Everything else is a luxury that will have to wait!

So if I have Internet access at my school or in the town, then I will give an update soon on what my site is actually like and how the initial transition goes. I’m excited, and should probably also be a bit terrified. The two-year clock starts tomorrow!

One thought on “I am now a PCV

  1. Sounds like you are doing well sacredadam. I do hope that you have access to computers to use. I really enjoy reading your website articles. What is the weather like there? What about wildlife, are there lions, & tigers, & bears? (Oh My!)
    Do you take any time to come home for a visit during this 2-year stint? I know your Dad said that he would be going down there to see you at some point. Keep writing in you website so that we can enjoy the country and adventure with you.
    Love & Miss you,

    Aunt Mary Ann

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