If I see one more flip chart…

Well I guess that brother Stoz has an excuse, since his hard drive failed him and he had to make the switch to the worst OS ever created (you know who you are, Vista). I don’t know what the hell Sqm is doing though. Seriously. This is my second update from Uganda, and there has been no Internet access in our town for the past 4 weeks. What’s your excuse, Sqm?

Things are going well here, but I am REALLY tired of training. I think it could have been condensed down to 4 weeks, with exactly the same amount of information presented. Actually, I have a lot of ideas on how it could be improved, but I am not going to go into them here. I will be working on my Qualiflying Project (QP) all day, to present on Tuesday morning. Every trainee has to do one of these to demonstrate that we learned something from training before we go to site. My project is, in brief, an attempt to get Ugandan science teachers to have a way to share lesson plans, ideas for explanatory metaphors, demonstrations, etc etc. But really, Peace Corps/Uganda needs this kind of thing desperately, and I really want to get it going for us Volunteers here. But I figured that the admins and trainers would appreciate a QP oriented to my community.

We find out on Wednesday, after the last QP presentation, where our sites are. I am hoping to have Internet for a lot of reasons (which starts with electricity), but one of them is that I want to help get a good Wiki developed for PCVs to share ideas in a structured, SEARCHABLE manner. Right now everyone has to either reinvent the wheel or scoot across the ground instead. Plus, it will be a lot easier to apply to grad schools.

What else? We have found a lot of interesting creatures here. I caught a baby gecko, which I wanted to keep but I’m waiting for site to get pets. We also found a small chameleon, a really cool praying mantis that looked like a leaf and even moved as if it was blowing in the wind, and some other creatures. If I have a computer and interwebs at site (good joke, right?) then I’ll start documenting everything I find.

I’m excited that we’re almost done with Training, but I got pretty comfortable here about a week ago, and now I’ll have to do the whole process over again. Except without the company of a bunch of Americans… But at least I’ll have my own place, which is really what I am wanting right now. And a bit more freedom (being in training is like being in High School).

That’s all I’ve got, but now that the Internet Cafe in town is running (and on a new SP), I will hopefully update again when I find out my site. Stay safe!