all packed up

After a day of extremely unfocused packing, I now have everything together. The limit is 80 lbs between two checked bags, and my goal was 40. Actually, my goal was 40 lbs between my carry-on and my one checked bag. I didn’t make it :( .

When I went to Mexico for a month, I only packed 18 lbs in a carry-on with no checked luggage. I figured that I could pull off something similar with this mission, but it turns out that not having electricity, needing clothes and shoes for more occasions, and actually moving somewhere (instead of just visiting) requires more stuff. For me, anyway.

My carry-on bag only weighs a little more, at 23 lbs. The checked bag, though, comes in at a full 36 lbs! So I’m still under half the allowed checked baggage, but I feel like I could have somehow packed lighter. This sucks because I’ll have to carry the stupid thing between long-term locations (and through airports!). It does have back-pack straps, but I don’t think it’s possible to wear two backpacks simultaneously. So I have to use the shoulder strap, which quickly pinches off circulation to my arm because of the weight. And slows me down a lot, due to my 4 years of an extremely sedentary life-style. I will be annoyed when it turns out that I could have gotten by without all of this stuff. But who knows, maybe it will turn out to be worth it.