two weeks 'til Uganda!

In two weeks from today I am hopping on a plane, not to return to good old IA for 800 days! I finally have everything that I need (plus some stuff that I probably don’t) and am going to do a trial packing run today. I’m trying to minimize what I’m bringing, since I figure I can get just about anything I need there. I have a nice big carry-on backpack that I’m hoping will be able to hold most everything.

After I get that packed up, I’ll see what’s leftover and then decide how big of a checked bag I need. The only tricky issue is that we will likely be getting some things during staging (that might be when we get med kits) and I will certainly accumulate some stuff during training. So I’ll have to make sure I’ve got some extra space.

This process is quite exciting, especially as the date gets closer, but there is still a fair bit to be done. I definitely need to re-read the packet we were given that gives a fair bit of detail about Uganda, and I need to find out what my mailing address will be for those first 3 months. I’m sure that info is in there somewhere, but I have yet to find it. Things are going to keep popping up until the 11th hour, I’m sure, but that will make things more interesting.

3 thoughts on “two weeks 'til Uganda!

  1. Toliet paper and wet wipes…Bring plenty of extra toilet paper and wet wipes!

    Best of luck as you prepare for your work/adventure. I spent six weeks in the northern portion of Uganda (Pabo and Gulu) this previous summer and will be returning in the summer of 2009. The people I met were absolutely awesome.

    Matt Michelin

  2. You’re from Iowa? Anywhere near Orange City. Kansas personally is much better (especially Manhattan). Just went to my COS (Close of Service) meeting and it turns out your group is 35 people learning Luganda, Lusoga, Japadhola, Ateso and Langi. There should be 5 people going to the Soga region (one will be at my site). The PST will last 8 and a half weeks, you will have PCV visit in week 4, won’t go to Jinja for a visit (I tried to get that in) and also will not do a site visit (none of us liked that one).

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