trying to make this move work

Normally, you can use url forwarding to make it so that when someone types in a website address or clicks a link, that person will end up at a different website instead (try it; going to will take you to Since I am moving to this blog, I am trying to make it so that visiters to end up at instead. For some reason it isn’t working… Read on if you are interested in using url forwarding. [Edit: It is now working!]

For anyone who would want to do this, it should be given as a service by whoever you bought your domain from. I bought mine from, which makes it very easy to do url forwarding. Alternatively, this can be done through DNS management. If you can tell the name server to associate a different IP address are common name to your domain, then users will end up wherever you try to get them to.

The beauty of url forwarding is that you can also make it pass the subdirectories. For example, in, the “/mail” part is a subdirectory. So if I am forwarding to, then when someone tries to go to, they will end up at This way your readers won’t even notice! If you don’t pass subdirectories, though, you’ll end getting to simply, and then your readers will have to search for whatever post it was they were trying to get to.

But anyway, I’m pretty sure that the reason it wasn’t working for me was that my DNS management was still passing to and this trumped the url forwarding. I fixed this, but it takes 12 hours or so before this stuff goes into effect.

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