website update flurry

For those keeping track, I have updated my blog more today than in the past month. But I guess that’s how these things go. I tweaked the other pages of the blog a little bit to make them current (the author, the characters, purpose, disclaimer) and added one for contacting me. All it says, of course, is “please leave a message and I’ll call you back,” only in a wordier fashion.

I have also added a disclaimer to the side bar, as per request of the Peace Corps, which apparently does not want anyone to think its volunteers’ opinions reflect its (the Peace Corps’) opinions. Though can an organization really have opinions anyway? In any event, they have nothing to worry about because I will do my best to keep my posts positive and delightful, though I will likely carefully document the progression of any diseases that I may end up with.

Then I rearragned stuff on the side bar, changed the names of the links so that there were no real names there (not sure why I hadn’t done that already), and added a little calendar that lets you see what days I wrote something and thus look at posts by date, though I don’t know that it will actually be of any use.

So enjoy, be merry, and so on.

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