more ways that gmail is awesome (as if you needed more ways)

Google Labs just rolled out a long-needed treat: a task manager! I had been using Google Calendar along with gmail to do all of my tasking needs, which is an overly complicated and time-consuming process, so this should be a fantastic addition. I guess it’s still pretty basic yet, but give it time. To enable it, you must first have enabled Google Labs in your Settings somewhere, and then you just click the “Labs” tab (or, when you’re in gmail, you can click on the little green beaker in the top right corner). Enable the first option:

And now a Task button appears on your left-side panel:

By the way, notice my nice storm cloud theme? It turns out that the “tree” theme is weather dependant, and changes to reflect local conditions. It was rainy when I took this screenshot. You could plug in the zip code for a more tropical region if you wanted to see happy weather when you logged in, I suppose.

I haven’t fiddled much with the Task manager yet, but it works the way that Google Chat does, with a little popup on the bottom right of the screen. You can get a little more info from lifehacker.

The next awesome thing: Integrated Gmail. This is actually a Firefox addon, and is experimental. This basically means that it is a little buggy, so Mozilla requires that you sign into your Mozilla account (or create one) in order to download it. Integrated Gmail sticks Mail, Calendar, and Reader all on the same page, so that all of your Googly goodness is exactly where you want it to be. I have so far found it to be too slow (or buggy) on my Eee PC, which doesn’t have the processing power to have all of those intensive apps up simultaneously. My desktop runs it no problem, though I have notice a few glitches. Anyway, download it from and see screenshots on the Mozilla Addons website.

The last cool thing is that you can remotely log out of Gmail sessions on other computers. Meaning, simply, that if you forgot to log out of Gmail at school, work, or (Thor forbid) a public computer, you can do so from any computer you want. Just scroll to the bottom of the page, right under where gmail tells you how much space you are using:

If you click on the “Details” link, it will tell you where else you are logged in (by IP address) and let you log out of those locations. Sweet action, huh? In the above screenshot you can also see that I am using the Integrated Gmail addon. You just click on the plus’s to expand the window (and in the options for the addon you can change what is shown).

*Note: For my own safety, I have edited the IP address to be a bunch of 8’s and deleted my email address. Just in case you were wondering.

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