it’s snowing

And I have a cold. It’s less painful and obtrusive than a lot of colds, but it’s equally as annoying because it consists solely of sinus pressure and dryness on the left side of my face. Why just the left side? Certainly, I’m glad it’s not both, but that is a little weird to me. So my left eye feels like it’s bulging out of its socket, my left ear feels like there is a creature in it, and the left side of my throat burns a little. But I guess it was time, since I haven’t had a cold for months. I used to get colds every week following the recovery from a previous one, which probably had something to do with my poor diet and lack of exercise through college. I kept up not eating properly or exercising, but did throw in a little fish oil, flaxseed oil, vitamin C, multivitamins, and zinc into my daily pill buffet. And then I stopped having colds! And, probably more importantly, the oils knocked down my cholesterol from being right at the level where I should have been taking medication to nearly normal! Excuse me while I sneeze explosively…

All of my earthly belongings.
All of my earthly belongings.

Anyway, we’re basically packed up at this point. I’m going to do a sweep of the joint today and throw away, put away, or pack everything that remains. The gf got all of her stuff boxed up to ship to su familia (6 boxes, averaging more than 30 lbs!) so we’ll have FedEx pick that stuff up tomorrow. Or Friday.

The Mother arrives late Friday morning, depending on weather conditions, so we can take a giant box of clothes to Goodwill and then fill up the car with my crap. Although a lot of it won’t really be “my crap” anymore, since it will be donated to the Brothers and the Parents.

End of boring update.

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