hiliarious ID satire

Found on RichardDawkins.net, two guys wrote a paper on the origins of a novel speices, dubbed the Nudleous dubleous. the Abstract is as follows:

Penne Rigate will spontaneously insert itself into Rigatoni (order pasta) under liquid to gas transition conditions of H2O to create the previously unobserved species Noodleous doubleous. The estimated probability of this spontaneous generation event is too low to be explained by thermodynamics and therefore apparently represents intelligent design.

I found it over the summer, forgot about it, and then found again while cleaning out my mailbox. Anyone with a science background will appreciate this compelling research, I think. It seems to be making fun of scientific literature as well.

Thomas D. Schneider, Ph.D. and Frederick, MD. “Origin of the Novel Species Noodleous doubleous: Evidence for Intelligent Design “. http://www.fred.net/tds/noodles/noodle.html. Accessed 2008.12.10.

I have no way of knowing whether or not the names or degrees are real.

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