getting moved out

So the gf and I are leaving Chicago this weekend. It’s pretty crazy, really. We’ve lived in this building for more than two years! I have been calling Chicago “home” for a long time now, and have gotten so used to the campus (especially the BSLC) that it is going to be really weird to not see it again for a very long time. Maybe even never (though I doubt that)!

Anyway, packing sucks. We have collected a lot of stuff over the time that we were here, though the gf more so than myself. I also managed to never sell back any of my textbooks after classes were over, since I held onto the belief that I would use them again in the future as reference texts, and so most of them are old enough editions that I can’t get anything for them. Fortunately, the UofC has an online marketplace ( where we’ve managed to get rid of most of our stuff. It even led us to someone from the UofC Hospitals who is coming tomorrow to pick up our books to send overseas to the Phillipines for some poor schools to use as reference books, which makes me happy that I could at least do something good with those things.

I’ll be back in Grinnell for two months, minus a week for a family vacation, and then it’s off to the Peace Corps! I haven’t heard anything else yet, which, according to the SATO travel (the Peace Corp’s travel department) guy, is a good thing. I got my passport and visa applications sent off two weeks ago, so hopefully that all works out in time.

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