what to do with a piping hot, fresh from the oven, Windows installation [part 2]

*See the previous post for brief information on cleaning the bloat out of Windows.

Now it’s time for software! I will start this post with a list of the software and links to where you can find and learn about each, so that I can slowly add information to this page over the next few days (or eternity, depending). Here’s the list (in no particular order):

  1. launchy
  2. firefox (see my series starting with this post)
  3. ccleaner
  4. cleartype tuner (a Windows Powertoy, see this previous post)
  5. autoruns
  6. revo uninstaller
  7. zipgenius
  8. notepad++ (see this previous post)
  9. openoffice
  10. powercalc (a Windows PowerToy)
  11. TweakUI (a Windows Powertoy)
  12. imgBurn
  13. VirtualCloneDrive
  14. GIMP
  15. Paint.NET
  16. PDFill
  17. uTorrent
  18. audacity

And now for the information about each, to be update as time goes on:


Launchy is probably the most useful thing you can get for Windows. Useful in that it lets you have a clean desktop and get to applications and files rather quickly. Lifehacker has a tutorial on Launchy that will help you become a power user, but I pretty much just use it for launching applications.

By default, Launchy can be brought forward by hitting alt+space, at which point you can start typing the name of something and it will figure out what you want. It can also do some math, search the interwebs, and so on. Right click it and choose “options” to customize how Launchy looks, what folders and filetypes it will index, and so on.


This mother-of-all-browsers (technically, just mother of a few, but you know what I meant) probably should be in the top spot, but I figure that you must be using it already. You better be using it already.


Already mentioned previously, cleaner is a must.

2 thoughts on “what to do with a piping hot, fresh from the oven, Windows installation [part 2]

    1. It has indeed been a long time. You seem to be a LOT more techy than I am, so the fact that you’re using the same software seems like a good thing.

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