officially in the Peace Corps today

It’s true; I called and accepted my invitation. There is much to do before it all starts, and it’s a long way until I am officially dubbed Volunteer. At the moment, I am simply a pre-trainee. For the first 8-12 weeks in-country I am just a trainee. When I make it through that process and the Peace Corps has decided that I am fit for service, I will then become an actual Volunteer. A lot is going to happen between now and then. My excitement is palpable.

3 thoughts on “officially in the Peace Corps today

  1. hey i just ran across your blog…. congrats on getting into UG PC. I am currently serving in uganda so if you have any questions let me know…. see you soon!

  2. Hello from Uganda. Are you a primary teacher trainer and did you state that you had IT experience? I am looking for someone to replace me from the next group.
    Uganda is not as backwards as the book claims. I am typing you this note from a village outside of Mbale. Thanks to MTN cellular modem service.
    Gracias for the Revo link. I am going to use it for a problem I am having iny computer lab.

    1. I’m not sure yet if I’m a teacher training or if I’m teaching high school students. My understanding is that I’ll find that out after two months of training, when they decide what I’d be best for. I did mention to them in my resume that I have significant experience with Windows, and a little with linux, but since I have no formal training I have no idea if I’m quite useful enough to do IT work. Though I’d like to.

      Thanks for the info, and I’m glad that you got some use from my posts!

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