I’m going to Uganda!

What I thought the equator would feel like...
What I thought the equator would feel like...

I haven’t formally accepted the invite yet (I figured I should read all of the invitation materials first), but it looks like I’m going to staging on February 8th, where I will spend a day learning about the Peace Corps, and then heading off to Uganda a couple days later. I didn’t even know where Uganda was…

But, thankfully, I have the Interwebs. So it turns out that Uganda is on the equator. Which made me scream in fear at first, because heat is my worst enemy. But after looking up details on the climate, it actually seems like most of the country has very nice weather, an effect of being high up and bordered in part by Lake Victoria.

And according to my invitation materials, Uganda is one of the “handful of countries” where I am “guaranteed to have the ‘Peace Corps experience’ whether I want it or not.” Meaning that there is a good chance that I will not have running water nor electricity. And so more likely no Internet. The funny thing is, the only thing that concerns me is not having enough electricity to power my digital camera. I had figured that, at the very least, I could take pictures and videos (vlog-style) and then just mail SD cards back to the states. Then someone here could upload everything to flickr and my blog, simultaneously updating everyone who might care to know what’s up in my life. Of course, I could get a solar charger thing (with my Citibank ThankYou points!), but I have to find out how safe electronics will be and etc. So we’ll see. I’m sure I could do without my Eee PC (though I will miss him so), but having nothing that runs on magic would be crazy. Especially for communication purposes. I’d be stuck with writing by hand, and I have unfortunately inherited the crappy handwriting of a left-handed mother and a doctor-father. The other cool thing about SD card communication is that I could just plug in an SD card sent from home and watch video and see pictures from home! Cool deal, huh? So I’ll find a way to make that work. Or something similar. Maybe I’ll patent that mode of communication…

2 thoughts on “I’m going to Uganda!

  1. Hi,

    You sounded pretty scared about your coming Uganda ! The good thing is that it will be overwhelmimg at how wrongly skeptical you were. I hope by the end of your Peace Corp experience, you will manage to overcome your reluctance to return to your home country.

    Get back to me and share.

    But for goodness sake, it will have been one of the best opportunities the world has to offer.

    Welcome to Uganda.

  2. Silver,

    Oh contraire (is that how you write it?); I am extremely excited. The only thing I’m afraid of is the sun. I have spent the last four years in classes and labs and have become so pale that even the tiniest amount of UV radiation makes my skin fall off. I didn’t mean to give the impression that I am afraid of going to Uganda for any reason, I was just commenting on what the Invitation Materials told me (the “handful of countries” thing).


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