my life has moved to the cloud

I spent all day yesterday uploading all of my pictures to flickr. I had been of the mindset that only pictures that anyone could see should be put on there, but then I thought that I can just edit the permissions on them anyway. 300 pictures were uploaded, a large fraction of which are only visible to my flickr friends and family, since I try not to make public anyone’s likeness for which I have not been given permission to post. I also managed to geotag most of them, as well as a bunch of the pictures from the past that I hadn’t gotten to. When trying to place Shanghai pictures, however, I found that there is no street map on flickr. But there is for Beijing, and I had no trouble finding the Forbidden City etc.

I’ve been moving many of my other files into the cloud as well. I’ll be selling my desktop when I move out, probably to the GF, but I’ll be holding onto my external drive for backups. It seems, though, that if everything is available online then it wiill be much more likely that I will get the chance to find it while abraod.

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