big news!

I just got my update from the Peace Corps, saying that my invitation is in the mail and I’ll be in the February program. So it sounds like I’ll know all of the details next week!

While incredibly exciting, this means I have a lot of work to do in the next couple months. I have to get moved out of Chicago, change my registered home address for everything that needs that info, and condense my Internet persona into something that someone here can manage for me for two years while I’m gone. That process starts with getting all of my pictures uploaded to flickr. And I guess it ends with handing over my passwords with written instructions on how to use all of the website that I have memberships on.

I have no idea what kind of communication I’ll have while overseas but, if possible, I intend to keep this thing updated every once in a while (even if I have to write letters that someone transcribes for me back home) so that anyone who is interested will know what I’m up to. Which reminds me that I’ll have to get all of my contact information changed and sent out to people so that they can get a hold of me…

So much to do!

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