finally getting something from Placement

I got an email yesterday from my placement officer for the Peace Corps. She had a few odds and ends she wanted cleared up, including my availabilty dates for this coming year. It turns out that there is a similar program in February that she would consider me for. Though this is much sooner than I had been planning, and destroys all of my China trip plans, I think this is the most sensible thing for me to do. Since the obligation is a year and 3 months, leaving in Feb. will allow me to get back and have a summer to readjust to living in the states and transition into grad school. This is what I had wanted to do when I originally applied for the Peace Corps, but there was only the June program at that time. If I were to leave in June then I would get back sometime in September, which would make me be late to the start of pretty much every graduate school, and would also give me no time to get used to living here again.

There still isn’t anything definite yet, but now that I am actually being placed I can’t imagine that it will be too much longer.

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