three year anniversary

The gf and I celebrated three years of being together this past wednesday, September 10. This date is really quite artificial, as it is roughly on the day that we had decided to be officially “dating.” It was originally either the 9th or the 11th, but I like 10 much better as a number (the gf won’t let me switch it to 10/10, though) since I can remember it, and the 11th would have been a poor choice for obvious reasons.

We went to a nice Italian restaurant here in Guanajuato, called Chao Bella. We had been there the week before with a larger group, but didn’t get much since we’d eaten a giant meal earlier in the day. And it was expensive. Comparitively. So we decided to go for our anniversary and splurge, spending nearly $12 between the two of us on some absolutely fantastic pizza. I think a picture will be much better than words…

And it was even better than it looks. So if you’re in Guanajuato, I highly recommend checking this place out.

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