guanajuato: day 28

This is the early morning of what was supposed to be our day of leaving Guanajuato. But the hurricane is hitting Texas pretty hard, and our flight into Houston was canceled until Monday. Though annoying, this actually worked out pretty well in a few ways.

First, Mexico’s Indendence Day celebration is at the beginning of next week, and there are all kinds of fiestas and activities throughout the city that we should get to see a bit of on Sunday. Second, our extremely kind housemate Maria, who works for Don Quijote, offered to let us stay in our flat for the extra two days. We would have had to move into a hotel, but apparently no Don Quijote students are moving into the flat this week, so it’s no skin off of anyone’s back if we stay. I’m very appreciative of this gesture; I know it will make our last two days much less stressful.

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