guanajuato: dias 9 y 10

So my disease from Friday has picked up again. I spent all of yesterday either in the bathroom or in bed trying to sleep. I’ve had worse, but this wasn’t too much fun.

Because of this, my epic plans of studying for the entire day fell through, though it turned out not to matter because today’s class was slow and terribly easy. Each half of the class was devoted nearly entirely to a single (easy) subject, so we didn’t get much out of it. We were basically working on describing relative location and then formulae for comparisons. Easy stuff.

So I don’t have anything to report as regards my activities in Mexico. The gf got the sickness as well (though mostly just the fever that I had last night), so we were unable to even go watch the salsa lesson like we wanted to. Hopefully tomorrow we will be able.

The only thing that I do have to report is the death of one of our cats, Kati. She died yesterday morning of unknown causes, and rather suddenly, so our best guess is a pre-existing condition (so not covered by insurance!). Her belly has always been weirdly gigantic, and no matter the diet we have her on she has slowly gotten rounder. Maybe she had a tumor, or some kind of intestinal disease. Regardless, whatever was wrong with her finally got her in the end. Fortunately she had a good, easy, pampered life, if a short one.

( r.i.p. kati

I’ll probably be making a book of Kati with some of the tools on flickr. I don’t have that many pictures of her (she was never very photogenic, and I always figured I could take good pictures when I got the chance), but I think I have enough to make a tiny memory book thing, and I actually think this is a great way to remember pets. I’ll have to start recording details of Yoshi’s life as well, I suppose, for when (Thor forbid) he dies. He’s a damn healthy animal though, so he may outlive me.

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