guanajuato, day 7

Looking off of Juarez.
Looking off of Juarez.

I am going to have to find a better WiFi hotspot. The connection in our room is very low, so I have to wander around while using Skype, since staying in one place tends to kill the connection. And I can’t use the video feature at all because there is simply not enough information flow. I’ll be trying out another floor and a cafe today, and there is also wireless at the school that might I may have better luck with.

So we have now made it through our first of four weeks in Guanajuato. Our week of classes was good, though the pace seemed to drag during the last two days. Hopefully it will pick up again next week. We will be getting moved to a morning section, which should improve our days tremendously. Having a 3-7pm class sucked, since all activities start right at 7, and supper takes a long time (waiters here are apparently used to people sitting down for hours, so will often be gone for long periods of time), so we could get home before 9:30. That isn’t so bad, except that at that point we have no interest in studying, and aren’t the partying type, so we end up having little to do at the end of the day. Plus, having a late class makes me unable to get up early, and I ended up getting too much sleep every day last week. Now I’ll have to get up by 8am, so that should help.

Today we are planning on exploring the city a bit more. We have decided to go the the Mummy Museum (Museo de Momias), as well as walk to the other end of the main part of the city, where there should be some giant market (according to our maps).

If I understand correctly, the Museo de Momias is a building where they have put a bunch of bodies that were exumed in the 1800s up to thirty years ago. Since there is a space shortage for graves, I guess they just cycle bodies through the same plots of land (though I have no idea what normally happens to the bodies). If pictures are allowed, I should definitely have some up by the end of the weekend.

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