in houston (part 2)

Yesterday (Thursday) was a nice slow day. The gf and I went out to get a travel guide for Guanajuato (our Mexico destination). It isn’t a touristy city, so we had to get a general guide that had a good section on Guanajuato. We ended up choosing the Rough Guide book, mostly because it had the nicest map. We also got a Rough Guide for China, so that we could contemplate and do a little planning for our China trip next year.

Having succesfully found our reference books, the gf took me to the Chocolate Bar, where they have outrageously overpriced (but delicious) chocolate in various forms. It was worth going to, but not worth the cost for repeat visits.

The main point for the day was for me to meet the gf’s friends from high school. One of their favorate haunts is a tapioca drink place that has a stack of board games that you can play while eating/drinking. We met them there, started the gaming with shithead (pronounce it “shi-thead” to keep it civil) and ended it with Trivial Pursuit (from 1981). The trivia game went on far too long, and was too old for us youngins to be as successful as we would have liked.

We then went to Hungry’s for dinner, which was delicious (especially the fries). That pretty much closed out the day.

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