in houston (part 1)

Once I got settled in at the gf’s place (I got a nice little spot on the floor next to gf’s bed), we took off to a nice Japanese restaurant to meet with some coworkers of gf’s mother. It was a delicious meal with pleasant conversation, though most of that conversation was about work politics and goings-on of which the gf and I knew absolutely nothing.

The next day (Wednesday, two days ago) we got up, hopped in the car, and went to Fung’s Kitchen for a dim sum breakfast. gf’s mother ordered 8 dishes for the three of us, so I was quite stuffed by the end of the meal (though unbelievably content).

Decorations in Fungs Kitchen.
Decorations in Fung's Kitchen.

We followed that up with some shopping in the Village. I needed a new pair of jeans, since one of the pairs I had brought fit me poorly (since I am still shrinking, even as I type) and was too bulky for easy packing. I tried on about 10 pairs at American Eagle before settling on a pair that fit me alright. The experience brought me back to the last time I needed pants, when there only existed a few types that weren’t pre-ripped. Only this time every single pair had some sort of rip. I managed to get one with only a small abrasion on the leg.

How can a store not have a single pair of non-ruined pants? What kind of style is this? The only reason I was wearing poorly-fitting pants in the first place was that my pants that fit well have blown-out crotches, pockets, and other problems from being worn too much. I really don’t need a pair that comes with those problems to begin with.

But what can one do? There’s no stopping fashion, no matter how dumb it gets.

Following this annoying shopping experience, we went to get a suit for the gf for med school interviews. This took a large amount of time, in a store that had nothing but women’s clothing. As I sat I thought, if a business were to start renting out space in women’s stores where they could build a small bar, they would make tons of money. Imagine: Guys traveling with female significant others would have no problem sitting in the store for hours, drinking scotch, while the women shopped to their hearts’ content. It would be like Starbucks in bookstores. Only better.

The gf settled on a nice brown suit with blue pinstripes (that looks awfully damn cute, I might add), and we left to continue on our girly adventures.

The gf and her mother wanted to go to Sephora (which I hadn’t heard of). After it was explained to me what kind of store this was, I decided to find somewhere else to go (I absolutely loathe makeup). Right across the street was a nice pipe/cigar/wine/whiskey shop, so I made myself at home there.

We finished up the day at Pad Tu, also in the village. The food there was delicious, and we ended up with lots of leftovers.

My initial thoughts on Houston after this first day:

Too hot and muggy during the day (as expected), but wonderful in the evening. Everything feels way more spaced out than in Chicago, and the people are friendlier. This city does not seem bike/pedestrian friendly at all.

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