journey to grinnell

I just spent the last two weeks back home in Grinnell. It’s always nice to get there, even if just for short periods. Fortunately, my schedule will allow much more opportunity to travel than usual for the next 5 months.

I should have written about what was going on while I was home, but I just never seemed to get around to it. So let’s see what all I can remember:

The Fathers came to visit Chicago for a few days before I hopped in the car with them to drive back to Iowa. They were showing some friends from France around the States a little bit, and these friends were interested in seeing Iowa (which will come as a surprise to anyone who doesn’t know how beautiful the state is), Chicago, and New York. Since the drive wasn’t too long, the Fathers and the French drove up to Chicago. The GF and I went downtown to have a meal with all of them, but otherwise were busy getting ready for me to leave, since I would only have a day at home in between Iowa and the Mexico trip. I had to migrate all of my files from my laptop (Gadget) to my Desktop (nameless, I think), which was difficult what with huge numbers of redundant yet slightly different files between the two machines.

I then spent more time wiping the hard disks of both of my laptops (with the great software DBAN) and loading them with Hardy Heron (Xubuntu for the little guy, regular for the biggin’). I’ll be selling them when I get back to school.

Anyway, let’s bring the slope of this tangent back to zero, eh?

The Fathers parted ways with the French, who would continue on to NYC, Sunday and then came to pick me up on Monday morning (which would have been two weeks ago, yesterday). We packed up the GF’s fridge for Sqm (my youngest (but not littlest) brother), some more of my books, and then the cats. Since my girlfriend and I were going to be gone for so long, my mother had most generously offered to take on our hairy little children for the next 8ish weeks.

Carrying the cats home was a bit of an adventure. Kati was pretty much fine the whole way through, though she continued her habit of mewling nonstop for hours on end. Fortunately I was able to get her beneath the seat with a pillow between her mouth and our ears, which muted the noise tremendously. Yoshi did not appreciate the car ride at all, meowing in the most pitiful of fashions and refusing to leave my lap. When I placed him next to me so that I could do other things, he would slowly crawl backwards until he was on me again. Any crevice nearby became a cave that he would stick his head into, apparently to make it so that the world didn’t exist (if he can’t see something, it isn’t there). Poor guy. The stress also made him shed more than usual, filling the car to the brim with hair.

Upon arriving in Grinnell, we moved the cats into my Mother’s house immediately. Kati dove under the guest bed and refused to come out, while Yoshi began having a standoff with the endogenous cat, Boots. Yoshi is bigger, so the end result of that heirarchy-building exercise was that Boots voluntarily stayed out of the house as much as he possibly could.


2 thoughts on “journey to grinnell

  1. Endogenous? That’s esoteric… even for you. I had to look it up. I was expecting indigenous or autochthonous…

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