Peace Corps medical review nearly finished!

Right after graduataion I came home for a day to get all of my dental, physical, and eye exams pounded out for the Peace Corps. I figured it wold take months to get it done in Chicago, so it was worth the trip (and probably still cheaper, even with the cost of taking the train back home). Plus it’s always nice to go home.

All of the screening went well, though the dental exam was surprisingly in-depth. The dentist did some sort of probing of my gums with a blunt metal hook, which involved poking the gum area in between each tooth and saying a seemingly randomly chosen number between 1 and 5 to his minion. Not pleasant. The exam also required three X-rays: one panoramic and two “bitewings” (which is where they stick those little stiff plastic things into your mouth and take an X-ray image from the side of your face).

I got the results back a week later, and my mother was kind enough to recieve them, verify that the various physicians completed all of the fields, and get the packet mailed back to the Peace Corps.

Only a couple weeks after sending the materials, my status was updated to say that I had passed the dental screening. At this point they hadn’t started looking at my physical exam stuff yet, but did shortly thereafter.

Finally, I got a letter from the Peace Corps a few days ago that said my medical packet had been reviewed, but was missing some information. I got excited, since this would seem to mean that all I need to do is send them that info and then this stage will be done very quickly. And the only thing remaining is the determination of my placement (though who knows how long that will take). The only missing thing is an operative report from my eye surgery a few years ago. Apparently, I sent all the pre-op and post-op material, but missed the important thing in between.

There was another claimed missing item, but it seems to actually be a result of misreading directions on my part. The physical screening form includes a list of symptoms with check boxes for options “yes”, “yes (resolved)”, and “no” to indicate the existence of those symptoms. So I said “yes (resolved)” to both eye problems (relating to pre-surgery) and frequent headaches (which also haven’t been a problem for several years). The instructions, however, want to know if I have experienced those symptoms in the past 12 months. I’m not sure what I thought it said, but now I have to go back and say “sorry, I’m just illiterate.”

The updates should be sent off this week, which means I’m that much closer to finding out my assignment.

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