Singing… and singing… and singing…

This week began the Two Week Singing Marathon. There are two concerts this weekend (Saturday night and Sunday afternoon) for UChorus, in which we will be singing Mahler’s 2nd ( I think) symphony. This of course means extra and longer rehearsals. We also have our final blow-out CMAC concert next Friday night, several CMAC gigs this and next week, and little octets and things to drum up interest in our performance. Along with voice lessons, this puts me singing every day this week except Friday and almost every day next week. Though I will be tired of it at the end, this will be a nice way to close out my college career.

In other CMAC news, I have now officially given up my position as Webmaster and the new guy has taken control. He’s already got our basic website up and running, which I imagine will be seeing many improvements in the near future and especially over the summer. Hopefully the transition to next year goes well for the group, especially with the loss of the majority of the Officers. I don’t think it’s sink-or-swim at this point, but we still we’re still new enough that our position is a bit precarious. I guess we’ll see.

4 thoughts on “Singing… and singing… and singing…

  1. I did indeed. But then I stayed at college…

    So, yeah, my college academic career has been over for some time. But parts of it went on and those parts are coming to a close, culminating in epic singing madness.

  2. So by your logic…

    When those guys who are hanging around the high school in that one movie say: “You know what I like about High School Girls? We keep getting older and they stay the same age.” Because they haven’t left their hometown… they are still in high school?

    P.S. Sean said he had to pretend to be you for a paper.

  3. If I was still active in high school sports/activities, and all of my friends still hadn’t graduated yet, then yes I would still be in my high school career.

    P.S. How accurate was he?

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