Visit of the Peace Corps Director

I just got back from a nice little event on campus, where the Peace Corps director came to acknowledge the University of Chicago’s awesomeness in creating volunteers. There were a dozen students there who knew when and where they were going or, like me, recently nominated and still with no clue as to when and where. Some faculty and staff from the University were there as well, and were quite interesting to talk to about their Peace Corps experiences.

The Director, Ronald Tschetter, was a very nice guy. He asked me and the other volunteers a lot of questions about our studies, future plans, and the like. Apparently he and his staff just finished some sort of tour of 40-some countries where volunteers are stationed, and he told us tales of all of how happy the leaders of these countries are to have Volunteers. Indeed, many asked how they could get more!

Mr. Tschetter told us about how weird it was to get a letter written by the King of some country (I can’t remember which), expressing the King’s gratitude for what Peace Corps volunteers have done for communities in his country. Apparently there are another 20 countries who recently asked for volunteers, and handful of which may qualify to be safe enough for the Corps to send its people to. It was all deeply fascinating.

Lastly, the Director talked to us about his passion for the Peace Corps, and about the overwhelmingly positive experiences of volunteers, which was overall quite inspiring.

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