Little Rocket Man

I got the gnome into the rocket! It ended up being fairly easy, with only a few difficult parts that made me want to punch something (like being chased by a helicopter in a vehicle that was not built to carry gnomes). I had mentioned this project in an earlier post, but I just decided to move it here with the remaining screen shots.

This is where I found him, underneath that shelf in the middle left of the picture.

And here we are right after Alyx is stabbed by a Hunter. The gnome is very sad.

Looking on as the vortigaunts try to heal her.

Riding an elevator as my vorigaunt friend kicks some antlion/zombie butt. Note the antlion on the top flying up to try to eat me.

The vortigaunt and I finally get the “extract” and they begin to heal Alyx. The Gnome gives comfort. Awkwardly.

Alyx is healed! You may notice that the Gnome somehow switched to the other side of the table during the intervening cut scene with the Gman. I’m not really sure how that worked.

And we finally got away from those antlions. We chillax and have a nice chat next to one of the ground-pounding, antlion-repelling devices.

After battling a bunch of zombine and maw men, I finally get ahold of the car. Unfortunately there is no where to put the Gnome. No trunk. Nothin’. Just a little area behind the seats.

But he can go right through seats (he is a gnome, after all, and therefore magic), and the game’s physics engine loves to suck him out of the car every time I hit a bump or turn more than one degree in either direction. I’ve ended up having to get out of the car, shoot him as far as I can with the grav gun, jump back in the car, drive up to where he landed, and repeat ad infinitum. It’s a huge pain. Especially when being chased by helicopters and/or Hunters.

Finally we ended the chase, shot down the helicopter, and had some rebels get our car fixed.

Dog battles a strider and get tossed right where I had placed the gnome:

After losing the race to Dog (the whole not being able to put the gnome in the car thing) we finally made it to White Forest.

2 thoughts on “Little Rocket Man

  1. hahaha i just played w it for a while…..then gravitised it into oblivion…well done

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