Scav Hunt

So this post is a bit delayed from the event (by a week), but I hadn’t gotten around to pulling the pictures off of my camera until today.

The Scav Hunt is a UofC tradition where a group of judges comes up with a ridiculous list of about 300 items the teams need to come up with. These can be anything, and many of them have to be found on a road trip. Teams have several days to decipher and accomplish the tasks, starting Wednesday at midnight and ending at judging the following Sunday. Browse their website for the current and past lists to get more information; the items are hilarious!

I only fully participated my first year here. It sucked up so much time and energy that, though wildly fun, it wasn’t worth falling behind in classes over. This year, of course, I don’t have any classes, but now I’m old and need my sleep :)

So I helped out one of my friends, Robert, on a project. This “help” mostly consisted of throwing out some advice, while all of the ideas and the vast majority of the work were his. Anyway, the task that he undertook was to create an edible item for a Bedouin wedding feast. It had to be inedible to as many major world religions as possible (so contain ham, etc).

More info and pictures after the jump.

Robert decided to make a camel skull out of a bread/playdough-like material, which he had completed when I arrived. The thing was quite impressive.

It even came with a complete set of teeth! His plan was to cover the thing in bacon and give it a brain of corned beef. I told him to make a brain case to put the meat in, which worked wonderfully. Apparently there were also bonus points if the thing was genetically modified, so Bob decided to put a horn on it and make a unicorn-camel.

I then had him hard boil some eggs to make eyes with, and Bob set about making pounds and pounds of bacon. His plan was to use a supersaturated sugar-water solution as syrup to glue the bacon to the skull, covering the whole thing. As we worked on this, it became increasingly clear that the grease made the bacon not stick. So we did what we could and it ended up looking fantastic, like a rotting skull of some mythical beast.

While we were doing this, Bob’s fiancé was mummifying a fish and building a bust of Abraham Lincoln out of pennies. I didn’t get any pictures of the fish (thought plenty of smells) or the final stages of the Lincoln head, but here’s an image of the partially finished bust:

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