Parasite Lost

Since I’m a biology and amateur computer nerd, I like to name my hardware after biological parts. For example, my hard drive in my main laptop is named “Main Ganglion,” while my external hard drive is named “Accessory Ganglion.”

My pen drive, a beautiful gigabyte thing with a hard metal covering, I have named “Parasite” and carry with me everywhere. I’m prone to losing things, so it’s on a lanyard tied to my belt loop and then sitting in my left cheek pocket, and it hangs out there nearly every day. It has all kinds of software from, so that I never have to worry about being able to do work, as long as I have access to a Windows machine.

Anyway, I was helping out a student with understanding signal transduction last Friday evening in the biology building, and we couldn’t get the lecture powerpoints to open in MS Office 2007 (because it sucks). Fortunately I had my trusty Parasite with OpenOffice on it, and used that to open them (which worked perfectly, save for the Mac-specific images). So we went through the powerpoint, and everything went well, and then I went home.

I woke up the next morning realizing that I left Parasite in the computer. This was a Saturday, and I figured no one would have grabbed it between 6pm Friday and when I got there on Saturday. But I was wrong. Parasite was gone!

I made a little flier on Monday saying “To Whomever found my USB drive in this computer and took it, Thank you for keeping someone from stealing it! I do miss it so, please email me at [my address],” which I stuck above the computer I left Parasite in. I just hoped whoever found it would read it and get it back to me.

Then I got an email tonight from one of the BSLC employees saying it had been put in lost and found by one of the security people! I am so excited (and surprised); I thought I’d never see the thing again…

[Edit: And it turns out I won’t. It wasn’t the right one, and my sign has been taken down. Ah well, it lasted a lot longer than most items I carry with me.]

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