Medical Packet ARRIVED!!!

Finally! I guess I spoke too soon yesterday, since it arrived a mere 12ish hours later. That material is basically the same as the stuff I got online, except there are some more details about reimbursement and more instructions. I did notice that I have to get another tuberculin test, which is kind of a problem since it takes multiple visits over two weeks, and I’ll only be in Grinnell for one day… I’ll have to call the Peace Corps to figure out what I’m allowed to do for that. Perhaps I can just do that part here and get a separate signature?

In other news, it’s the gf’s birthday tomorrow. I’m making her a Weighted Companion Cube cake. Several exist on the internet already, but I want mine to be absolutely amazing. So far I’ve taken measurements in pixels from a papercraft by Moony and then converted them to the scale of the brownies that come out of my new brownie pan (18.5cm square after cutting the edges straight). So far I’ve stacked 3, with a total height of 10cm, meaning I need about three more. That’s 6 damn pans of brownies just for the basic cube! After that I’ll have to trim another one to make all the ornamental parts that give the thing depth. There will be a long post on this process (documented with photos!) when it’s finished.

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