Medical forms still not here…

Apparently I got a little over-excited last week when I told of my mailed Peace Corps medical forms. The online thing they have that tells applicants the status of the various application components told me that they were mailed last Tuesday, and I figured that meant they’d get here a few days later. I didn’t realize that they were literally using snail mail…

Fortunately they made the forms available online this Tuesday so I could find out what needed to be done and get appointments set up. More fortunately yet, my mother is the queen of making things happen, so the moment she received the pdf files she had already lined up my dental, medical, and eye appointments two hours apart for one day in the middle of June. As soon as that stuff gets done and the filled forms sent off, I’ll be on my way to getting invited into a Peace Corps program! Of course, that could take 9 months. With good luck (and quick returns of information on my end) I may end up getting an earlier assignment, which will make transitioning from Peace Corps to grad/med/law school that much easier.

That’s all the updates I have on the Peace Corps process so far. And probably for a bit, since it is apparently a very slow process.

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